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Hello guys, I've decided that I should keep my creative writing juices flowing my starting to write and continue all my fanfictions again!
Should I ? 

Well I missed writing, a lot!
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Day Late Friend (Chapter 6)

Kyuhyun's POV

"Don't worry,Kyuhyun. I can see them," He smiled before giving me a pout.

I was startled.

One, I didn't know how he knew my name . And two, does that mean he's one of us now?


"w..wait how do you know my name?" I stuttered

"of course I... AHH HAE MY BABY~~" He ran past me, towards Donghae before giving him a bear hug. They didn't let go for a long long time and I could see Eunhyuk starting to feel uncomfortable and rather awkward beside the two. I, myself felt rather uneasy seeing those two hug ,and it wasn't just because I thought that the pink ball was cute.

Now I was really confused! Who was this pink ball of fluff and how was he related to Donghae?

"Hae, who's that..." I heard Eunhyuk's soft voice asking

"Ah ~ Minnie-hyung !You're finally here! I've been waiting for you~ " Donghae's voice echoed throughout the cafe.

"Of course I'm here ! Who else would take care of you like I do!" the pink ball of fluff supposedly named Minnie exclaimed.

"Hae..." Eunhyuk's voice called out again, this time softer.

"Ye, hyung! You know me best !" Donghae replied Minnie,either ignoring Eunhyuk, or really not hearing him.

L"et's go to the upstairs and talk..Did you know that..." Donghae continued and their voices trailed off as the disappeared inside Donghae's office leaving me and Eunhyuk at the hall.

I turned to Eunhyuk, only regretting to do so as I could see him shooting daggers at the closed door of Donghae's office.

"Hyung, are you okay?" I asked softly, regretting it almost immediately.


I bit my lip and shook my head, turning back to the front door to lock it, not wanting to continue this conversation with a moody Eunhyuk. Finally, after locking everything, I walked back to Eunhyuk,

"Hyung, I'm leaving now okay?"

There wasn't any response from him so I assumed he was alright with it and so I started to make my way to the back door to leave. However, just as I was about to leave, I heard Eunhyuk call me.



"How far from here do you live?"

"Around twenty minutes by my bike ,hyung. Why?"

"Do you live alone?"

"Yes,hyung... don't tell me.."

"Can I crash for the night?"

"WHOAH WHAT? My apartment is small, and besides I only have one bed and no one's ever come over and it's really messy and i..."

"Please...Kyu-ah...PLEASE~~ I'll pay you if you want ..."

I really didn't want to bring Eunhyuk back home,mainly because my apartment is already crammed and I'm sure it wouldn't leave a good impression but the pout on his face showed that he was pretty desperate so I had no choice but to agree. I could roughly guess what was going through his mind at that point of time, and I could see his crestfallen face when he was ignored blatantly by Donghae,but I wasn't the type of person to make someone share their feelings with me so I just kept quiet and nodded.


Eunhyuk's POV

Never in my life has Donghae ever ignored me. Not even when we were just friends. He was always attentive to me no matter what, and even to the smallest details. And then suddenly, this person who I don't even know walks in , and then he forgets about my existence? How ridiculous, I thought as tears began to form in my eyes and I buried my face further into Kyuhyun's back as his motorcycle speeds on the now empty road.

"Hyung,we're here," Kyuhyun says softly as he brings his motorcycle to a stop and motions me to get off it. Sighing , I did as I was told and tailed after him as he headed towards his apartment.

Entering his apartment, I thought that Kyuhyun was just exaggerating when he said that his apartment was dirty. Truthfully, it was small, only a little bigger than my own, but it was rather neat, with only a few pieces of clothes left on the sofa.

"Ahh...welcome to my humble house,hyung. It's not a castle or anything, but make yourself comfortable. I'll get you some clothes to change to," Kyuhyun said, and with that he disappeared into a room.

I took a seat at the sofa. Taking out my phone, there wasn't even a missed call or text message from Donghae. Sighing, I put it back into my pocket and stared at the empty television screen that was staring at me.


There wasn't another morning that I dreaded more than this. Last night, me and Kyuhyun decided to just share the bed since there was only one bed. Not being unappreciative or anything, but Kyuhyun was really a rough sleeper. At one point of time, I was sure he was going to choke me to death when his feet suddenly pressed on my throat,hard. But I had to endure it anyway since I was the one in need of a favour from him.

Looking at my phone for the millionth time that day, I sighed when I saw that there was no notifications for new messages nor missed calls

"Maybe he really did forget about me..." I whispered to myself

"Hyung,who are you talking to?" Kyuhyun suddenly appeared out of nowhere,making me choke on my orange juice. When I finally calmed myself down, I spat at him,


He just smiled nonchalantly and gave me the 'peace' sign,disappearing into his room before appearing again fully dressed.

"I'm heading to work,hyung. Are you sure you don't want to go to work?"

I shook my head, "If anyone, especially Donghae, asks about me, just say that you never saw me after yesterday okay?"

Kyuhyun nodded, before taking his helmet and heading to work.

I was going to see how long Donghae was going to forget about me.


I didn't know for how long I slept, but I woke up when I heard the jingling of keys at the door. After Kyuhyun had left,I got bored so I cleaned his house, but that only took me three hours. There still wasn't any messages from Donghae, so I headed out to the supermarket and proceeded to buy ingredients to make brownies.If he was going to ignore my existence, the least I could do is bake myself some brownies to eat and forget my woes.But baking and eating proved to be tiring as I soon found myself lying flat on the couch, sleeping.

"Hyung..I bought food if you're hungry," Kyuhyun's voice brought me back to reality.

"Ahh..I ate already, but it's okay we can just put it in the fridge! I baked some brownies for you," I smiled at him

"Really? Hyung you're the best~" He said before disappearing into the kitchen,and reappearing with a plate full of brownies.

"Kyu-ah..did anyone uhm ask about me?did he ?" I asked hopefully

"Who..OH! Donghae-hyung? Uhm..he was actually at the cafe for a while only before he disappeared with..uh the person who came last night," he said unsurely

"Oh so he didn't ask about me?" my voice was cracking

"Uh heechul-hyung asked about you though! and leeteuk-hyung!they're back! business was fine today,not as busy as yesterday thankfully... and siwon-hyung! he asked me why you didn't come but like you requested, I didn't say anything and then the custome.."

"Kyuhyun-ah, hyung is tired, can I go to bed first?" I sighed, and dragged myself into the room, lying myself on the bed but not being able to sleep as my thoughts were running wild.

Finally, taking out my phone, I typed with a heavy heart,

Lets break up

Shutting my phone off, I removed the batteries and left it on the floor.

That night, I couldn't sleep as tears kept flowing down my cheeks.

Day Late Friend (Chapter 5)

"Do you think they're alright,Hae? I mean, they've been gone for a good three hours.." I wondered out loud.




"Are you listening to me?"


"Hae... You're not !" I pouted, and shook the half-asleep figure beside me.


"Aish you pig. I guess I should go down and see if that muscular delivery guy is here. Si..Siwon was it? Hmm~ He actually has quite a sexy body you know.." I swooned, just to tease Donghae.


"YAH! WAKE UP!" I shook him by the shoulders,hard enough to probably give him a headache, but he was still as stubborn and refused to wake up.

"Fine. BE THAT WAY THEN," I stood up and left the room, not before slamming the door shut.


Downstairs, I found Kyuhyun already at the coffee machine, probably refilling coffee.

"Morning~" I said as I walked passed him and into the kitchen to look for something,anything to eat.

"Morning~ You're up early, or did you and Donghae just not sleep last night," I blushed at the implications of his statement .

"Uhm actually no.I came here at 4 am this morning so technically I hadn't slept," I replied.

" the way Teukie-hyung called. He said to tell you that he and Heechul wouldn't be coming to work today because they need to settle something and, i quote that Heechul 'promise to pay you guys back with many many awesome cakes until all your teeth drops out' "

"Hmm, I'll tell Donghae that," I replied lazily until realisation hit me, "Wait what? Heechul-hyung is not coming? THEN WHAT ARE WE GOING TO SERVE TODAY? STONES?OH MY GOD,"

I started panicking and tried to run back up to see Donghae, only to trip over something. However, just as I expected my face to meet the floor, I was surprised to find that it was actually pillowed by someone's chest.

"Sss..sorry," I muttered, not daring to look up at the person in front of me.

"Ahh it's okay hyung! Just don't be so careless next time!"

I looked up,only to find Siwon smiling down at me. Damn those dimples. And those dark,deep eyes. They sort of just pull you in, until you can't help but gaze at them. Well that was,until I hear a voice behind me.

"And here I thought you were just trying to make me jealous, Hyukkie," I snapped back to reality and quickly disentangled myself from Siwon when I heard Donghae's voice. I swear there was some hint of jealousy in that tone and that made me smile to myself.

"I .. uh Donghae..Leeteuk and Heechul hyung applied for leave today. What are we going to do? I mean , who's going to bake then?" I asked him panickly.

Instead of getting a similar response, Donghae laughed, earning raised eyebrows from everyone , even from Kyuhyun who was at the other side of the room. Siwon quietly excused himself to sweep the floors.

"You," Donghae replied simply.

"Me? No way!" I gasped

"Yes way,"

"But I..I can't bake ," I stuttered

"Yeah right Hyukkie. You do," he took one step closer, "Every single birthday cake I've had for the past ten years"

"That's ..different. That's just normal cakes." I tried to stand up for myself.

"So you're saying that all the cakes you baked me were just normal to you? And there I thought you had put in a lot of effort for me. Okay fine. Kyuhyun, we're closing for today. There's nothing to sell anyway," Donghae turned away and started to walk back to his office.

Instantly, I felt guilty. I mean, I didn't have enough faith in my skills, enough to sell things that I make. I mean, compared to Heechul, how would my cake fare? How would people react to the difference? Surely there'd be a huge difference! How was I supposed to face Heechul when he comes back? It wasn't that I didn't want to help Donghae, I had no confidence too. But he had just put me in a spot where I couldn't,didn't want to, say no to him. But I..

"Fine, I'll do it. But don't blame me if they turn out bad," I said to the retreating back. Donghae stopped , but didn't turn back. Instead, he just said,and I swore I could hear a triumphant smirk in his tone,

"The apron and hat is on the top cupboard near the fridge,"

I rolled my eyes and before he was completely gone, I quickly added,

"Just so you know, those cakes took me one whole night to bake,"


One whole day in the kitchen was all it took for me to lose my sanity. It was hectic. We couldn't use Heechul's menu because I had no idea how to make any of them and he, being the hardworking pastry chef that he is, didn't bother to leave any recipes behind. So, I had no choice but to create a new menu with my own recipes.

The orders kept coming in, and we were short-handed. With Leeteuk,the ever effecient manager of this place gone, and Heechul too, it was hard to keep up to the demands of the ever-so-loyal long list of customers in this place. It was hard, really hard . But somehow we managed to pull through. Nobody had complained so far, about the change in menu, or even the quality of food. So I assumed that I was doing pretty alright. Maybe not as perfect as Heechul's, but acceptable I guess.Siwon, being the obedient and gentlemen he really was, helped me and Kyuhyun out when he had no deliveries to make. Unlike that Donghae.

Throughout that 13 hours I was in the kitchen doing nothing but baking which I wasn't even sure if I was getting paid for, I had no idea where he was. He didn't even bother coming down to check on us even once, much less help out. That jerk. Of course he didn't. He probably was upstairs pigging away, like the Donghae he really is.

Finally, the last customer left the shop at 10.39 PM sharp. I let out a breath of relief. My day was finally over. I made a mental note to tell Heechul that he was a great person to be able to endure with the demands of the job,when he returns, hopefully by the next day. It was already late, and I've been on my feet for the whole day so naturally I felt tired and I slid down the cupboard, taking a seat on the floor, too numb to feel my legs.

"Hyung~ Are you in there?" came a voice at the door.

I groaned but nonetheless told the person to come in.

"Hyung~ I cleaned up the dining area but I have to go off now to pick up my grandmother. Sorry Hyung..I know you're tired but I have to go. Kyuhyun is still cleaning up though. I feel bad Hyung..Actually,if you need me to stay I will.I mean I'm sure Grandmother would.."

"Aish we'll do just fine. Just go already!" I cut him off, a bit exasperated, but suddenly feeling too guilty at my outburst.

"Are you sure hyung?" he sounded a little bit petrified.

"It's okay, you silly boy. Don't keep your grandma waiting or she might never let you come back to work again," I tried to sound cheerful , and soon I could hear the kitchen door shut. I shut my eyes tightly, tired and hoping I could nap for at least 5 minutes, before I had to go out and help Kyuhyun clean up. Just as I was about to doze off, I heard the kitchen door opening again.

"What else do you want, Siwon? You can go already! Me and Kyuhyun can clean up?" I groaned.

"Well that's funny. The last time I checked, cleaning up does not include sleeping on the kitchen floor,"

My eyes immediately shot open, only to find a certain annoying fish standing in front of me.

"Dong.Hae." I spat out as I quickly stood up.

"Hey Hyukkie~" He smiled before snaking his arms around my waist and pulling me closer to him.

"Don't 'Hey Hyukkie' me you jerk," I snapped as I pushed him away from me.

"What's wrong? Why my baby so angry?"

"Nothing," I said as I proceeded to walk away from him.

"God you're such a girl Hyukkie. And when girls say nothing, it hardly means nothing," he replied smugly and catching my wrist just before I reached the door.

"WHAT?" I hated being called a girl ,and Donghae calling me a girl when I was so fucking tired and annoyed and depressed so wasn't helping.

"You're an ass Donghae, I hate you I hate you I HATE YOU," I turned around and repeatedly hit his chest with my only free hand,feeling hot tears run down my cheek. But too bad for me, this only made it easier for Donghae to grab hold of me and hold me tight against his chest.I couldn't help but melt into his embrace and sob into his chest.

Soon, when my breathing became even, Donghae pulled me slightly away from him.

"Now tell me what's wrong,princess?" He sounded genuinely concerned as he wiped some tears off my cheeks with his thumb.

"I'm like tired like cos I actually stood here and baked for 13 freaking hours and like you didn't even come down to help me or even see me once and it's like you don't even care when I'm doing this like for you and like you don't even know how much I wanted to see you or like how much I miss you or like how I wanted you to tell me to persevere on and like how it'll all be worth it. You're a jerk Donghae, a real jerk," I complained in one breath.

"Aww~I miss you too," Donghae whispered.

"What? Did you even hear everything I said? I said that you were a.." I never got about to finish my sentence as soon, I felt something soft against my lips. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around Donghae's neck and started to kiss him back. The kiss was simple and short but yet I was satisfied. Donghae pulled away , but still kept our foreheads conneceted.

"You have no idea,Hyukkie. You have no idea how many times I came down to look at you, only to find you so focused at baking. I did come down, almost every 20 minutes actually. But I didn't want to disturb you..And I.."

"And you what ?" I asked.

"And I didn't want to jump on you because that chef outfit made you look pretty damn sexy Hyukkie.It was like you were in control and was sure of what you were doing. It kinda gave me a problem and I doubt you'd want to know," he said as he bit his lip.

I felt my cheeks reddened. So that was why he never came down? Because of me? In a chef uniform? That was sexy? Suddenly, a thought came to me and I smirked.

"So that was why you didn't talk to me the whole day? Because you were turned on by me?" I whispered just inches away from his ears as my fingers started to caress his neck. Donghae gulped and nodded.

"You've been a bad, bad boy Hae. And bad boys should get punished," I whispered seductively as I pushed him by the chest,until his back hit the fridge, with both my hands on his sides, not allowing him to escape or even move much.

I nuzzled his neck, placing wet kisses and sucking on the exposed skin, Donghae groan.

"Do you want me, Donghae?" I lightly traced my fingers on the prominent bulge on his pants.Instead of answering me, Donghae grabbed my hands and forced it down harder on his growing erection. Unsatisfied with his behaviour, I pulled away,ignoring the hurt look on his face.

"Hae-ah..You're a bad and disobedient boy. Maybe I shouldn't give you what you want this soon," I teased.

" I..I'll listen to you from now on. I ..please Hyukkie I need you," he begged me and I could see he was almost losing it. Being the great friend I was,how could I deny him of his needs?

"Very well then, but we have to play by my rules okay?"

He nodded.I took a chair from the table and placed it in front of him, motioning for him to sit on it.

"Rule number one, you cannot move from that chair or else this is over, understand?"

He nodded.

"Rule number two, you do not speak unless I tell you to okay?"

He nodded.

"And rule number three, you cannot touch me unless I say that you can okay?"

This earned a protest.

"Whoah what why? I.."

"Rule number two," and he immediately shut up.

"Now,Donghae, so do you want to continue or not?But if you break any of these three rules, this game is over,"

Donghae took a few seconds to think, before he reluctantly nodded his head. I smiled at my victory. It wasn't like everyday that Donghae would give in to me, so I had to make full use of it.

I took three steps away from him, maintaining eye contact with him. Slowly I unbottoned my shirt and let it slip onto the floor. I could hear him hold his breath. Slowly, I brought my fingers to my lips and let it linger there a little while, before letting one slip into my mouth. Slowly, I licked it thoroughly,imagining that it was something else other than my finger, and soon, another one joined it. I moaned, feeling my pants getting tighter at the lustful thoughts in my head.After making sure I coated it enough, I let them trail down my chin,down my neck and stopping just at my nipples to give them both a playful tweak. Moaning,I rubbed them harder as I arched my back and teased them faster and faster. The pleasure was unbearable, but I knew that I had to stop or it'd be over quickly, so I trailed my hand further south.

I unzipped my pants slowly, letting it join my shirt. I looked up at Donghae through half-lidded eyes and I could see that he too was getting excited. I removed the final clothing from my body,letting my not-so-little friend down there stand tall and proud. Trailing my fingers along my inner thighs, I once again locked gazes with Donghae.

"Are you really gonna..You're not serious are you..oh god," Donghae panted out as my fingers travelled higher and higher.

"Watch me," I challenged before letting one finger slip into the ring of muscles. Oh god, the pain. The feeling of being stretched after a long time wasn't exactly something pleasant. But the pleasure, oh yes the pleasure was beginning to come on as i pushed my finger in deeper and deeper.Soon, another finger joined it, and another and another to the extent where I was lost in my own pleasure and lust, not even aware of Donghae's existence.

However, not one to be ignored, Donghae reminded me of his existence by pulling my fingers out and grabbing hold of both my wrist before slamming me on the nearest wall. Pinning both my hands over my head, he let out a predatory chuckle that sent shivers down my spine.

"What..what are you doing?" I asked shakily,suddenly feeling vulnerable and exposed.

"You," he smirked before thrusting fully into me, not even giving me time or space to breathe. I wasn't even sure when he'd lost his clothes.

"Don't.You.Ever.Dare.Tease.Lee.Dong.Hae." He punctuated each syllable with a thrust, each deeper than the one before leaving me in a moaning mess. I couldn't think coherently, with Donghae thrusting his oh-so-big cock repeatedly into me, making me feel so damn hot and hard. But I couldn't lose. This was my game, and I wasn't going to let Donghae take control. It took all of my strength to push Donghae away from me. Before he could recover from the shock , I pushed him flat onto the floor and straddled him quickly.

"You're a bad , bad boy Donghae," I chuckled and lifted myself once, before slamming hard down on Donghae's cock.

"f..fuck .oh god oh my god hyuk oh g-" he moaned shamelessly as I continued to bounce up and down his throbbing length. As I began to ride him faster and deeper, I reached around for something to hold on to, anything. And lucky for Donghae,that happened to be his hair so I grabbed a handful of it and pulling on it as I clenched myself tighter around him.

Soon, the pace was lost as we were both too high to care and the pleasure was overwhelming. As Donghae reached one spot inside me, I arched my back and moaned wantonly.Seeing this, he smirked and pulled me down for a long bruising kiss, biting hard on my lower lip as he thrusted up higher and higher until I couldn't help it but spurt out my cum all over his chest.Donghae came soon after,filling me up to the brim, making me feel complete. Grunting, he pulled himself out of me.

"That was.."


"Yeah,fucking amazing," I agreed as I laid my head on his chest, letting him draw mindless circles on my back as I slowly drifted off to sleep.


Kyuhyun's POV

The sounds from the kitchen were starting to get disturbing so me being me, I decided to plug in my earphones and finish up with cleaning quickly, since I'm pretty sure no one else would be helping me tonight.

Sighing, I emptied the last rubbish bin before walking towards the front door to lock it. That was, I noticed a shadow of a figure standing at the other side. Unplugging my earphones, I begrudgingly opened the door.

"I'm sorry but we are cl-" I stared at the boy in front of me. Slightly shorter than me, this boy was well, not really a boy but he might as well be one. I could see he was one or two years younger than me,or at least he looked so. But the air around him was so..happy. Pink shoes, pink shirt, and pink watch. I mean, how gay was that.

"I know you are closed but I'm here to look for a job. Do you think I could come in?" His girly voice brought me back to reality and soon, I realised that I was charmed into letting him into the shop.

"I'm sorry, I don't think you'd get a job here. My boss..are not in and they hardly are. Sorry," I apologised when I realised what I had done.

"Don't worry,Kyuhyun. I can see them," He smiled before giving me a pout.

I was startled.

One, I didn't know how he knew my name . And two, does that mean he's one of us now?

Either Side Of Midnight (chapter 9)

A few minutes later, there was a gentle knock on my door.

"Kyuhyun..Sungmin..are you guys awake?" came a voice, clearly Yesung's from the other side.

Slightly traumatised, Sungmin held on to my hand and looked at me, unsure of what to do. However, I myself was unsure of what to do.

"Guys.. are you in there.." he knocked a bit harder . Despite the lump in my throat, I tried to answer in my calmest tone,

"Yeah, hyung? We are..uhm can..continue what you were doing before..We didn't hear anything.." I managed not to trip over my own sentence.

"What the hell are you talking about?! Hurry up and come out kiddos, I bought you guys breakfast! Come out before it gets cold, okay?" he answered, and then I could hear foot steps walking away.

I looked at Sungmin.Breakfast? Huh , but wasn't he with Ryeowook doing..

"Don't tell me Ryeowook hyung was.." Sungmin started to say outloud. I covered my mouth with my hands to stop myself from gasping out loud.

I looked at Sungmin, feeling awkward with the situation. Finally, I stood up and pulled him along with me towards the kitchen. When we reached the kitchen, Yesung was busy making coffee, but Ryeowook was nowhere to be found.

"Er..where's hyung?" I asked our oud.

"Don't know, I think he's still sleeping the last time I checked. Why?" Yesung replied nonchalantly, placing two cups of coffee in front of me and Sungmin respectively.

"NO REASON!" Both me and Sungmin answered spontaneously, causing Yesung to skeptically raise his eyebrows. However, he decided to just ignore our weird behaviour and proceeded to the living room and read his newspaper.

Sungmin turned to me,

"You don't think Ryeowook-hyung was having know that kind of dream, do you?" he asked, cheeks clearly turning pink.

I just shrugged, unsure of what to answer him, and took a sip of coffee.

"GOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING~" came a cheerful voice behind us, obviously from the just awake Ryeowook.

I could see Yesung looking up briefly from his newspaper. He turned to Ryeowook,

"What's up with the happy mood? Did you get laid or something?"

Immediately, both me and Sungmin choked on our coffee. The other two rushed over worriedly, patting on our backs, trying to stop us from choking.

"Hey~ you two are back together.." Ryeowook said after we finally calmed down.

"Yeah... uh good morning hyung. Did you have a good night? I'm sure you had some sweet dreams.." I replied cockily but immediately regretted it when I felt Sungmin kicking my shin under the table.

"Wha.." Ryeowook started

"Nothing hyung, Kyuhyun's just blabbering," Sungmin quickly turned and gave me a glare, daring me to say anything else

"No I'm not. I was just saying that Ryeowook-hyung must have had some pleasant dreams, to have woken up so late," I retorted back, hating being corrected by anyone, even Sungmin.

"Are you trying to say that I was having inappropriate dreams?" Ryeowook turned and stared at me.I could see that he was starting to get pretty annoyed at me, but I was just unwilling to give in.Glancing over at Yesung, I wonder how he was still oblivious to the tension going on in the room.

"Oh? I didn't say it , you did," I smirked seeing how easily Ryeowook had fallen into the trap of confessing.

"Yah! Cho Kyuhyun you bastard," he said before I felt a fist on my left cheek. I fell off my chair due to the impact. I quickly got up, and went straight for Ryeowook. However, Sugmin was quick enough to put himself in between me and Ryeowook but he wasn't strong enought to completely push either of us away,so in the end, he was just sandwitched in between the both of us,pulling each other's hair.


"hyung~ please stop! Kyu.. stop"



" don't do that.."



Immediately, both our hands dropped to our sides as we turned to the owner of the voice. For the first time in our life today, Yesung had cursed.Twice. And he looked, well pissed off. He quickly got Sungmin disentangled from me and Ryeowook, pulling him to his side.

"Now, Sungmin..tell hyung what exactly happened," he said calmly.

"Noth.." Ryeowook was about to say something, but a glare from Yesung was all it took to shut him up.

"Me and Kyuhyun woke up this morning and went to hyungs' room and then we heard ryeowook hyung moaning your name and we thought you guys were doing it but then we realised that you had gone out to buy breakfast and Ryeowook-hyung was still sleeping so Kyu came to this conclusion that he has been having THAT kind of dreams about hyung " Sungmin said in one breathe. He instantly covered his mouth when he realised what he just said and looked guiltily at Ryeowook, who's face was losing colour.

"Oh..Tell me something I don't know," Yesung chuckled and went back to reading his newspaper, leaving the three of us clearly shocked and bewildered.
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Day Late Friend (Chapter 4)

Three days.

It's not as if I counted but it has been exactly 3 days 7 hours 49 minutes and 32 seconds since I've been back in Seoul. How do I know this? Because when Donghae sent me off to the bus, it was exactly 3 days 7 hours 50 minutes and 26 seconds ago.

Nothings going well. I can't go to school, I know that missing the exam would definitely get me into some sort of trouble. I can't go to work, because Donghae's not there anymore and I guess I wouldn't belong there anymore. I can't stand staying at home, walking into the kitchen, remembering how right Donghae's lips felt against mine. There was no place left for me here. Why? Why was it so difficult to live all of a sudden, I wonder to myself as I placed my head in between my knees, willing for something, just something to remind me that I had something to hold on to in Seoul. Something, anything.

"Fuck it," I muttered to myself as I slammed open my wardrobe door and grabbed as many clothes as I could and dumped it in my bag. I knew that I wasn't thinking straight, but at that moment, I seriously couldn't give a shit. I noticed a white envelope at the bottom of what was left of the pile of clothes in my wardrobe. I pulled it out. Looking at the contents and the note, I sighed, knowing that Donghae was right.

As I carried what little belongings I had in that backpack, I turned and look at my apartment one last time. It might not be the warmest or cosiest apartment I've lived in, but still, it had been home to me for a couple of years.Luckily, the furnitures were not mine so I didn't have to worry about bringing them along. I quietly shut the door behind me, and walked a few doors down to the landlady's house.

Knock Knock.

I hear some shuffling behind the door, but a few minutes later, the door still wasn't opened. I knocked again. I could hear a heavy breathing behind the door, but still ,no response. Getting rather impatient, i knocked the door again.

"Stop it with the prank already! Just leave," I could hear Mrs Kim screaming.

I had no idea what was going on with the weird woman's mind. I mean, she has been a weird landlady all this while so it came as no surprise to me that she was suffering from some paranoia syndrome. Sighing, I pushed the envelope containing my final rent money through the gap at the bottom of the door and took my leave.

A few steps later, I could hear her screaming.

Sometimes, I wonder how I had endured all these years with her.

Thankfully , I had managed to catch the last bus out of Seoul. Yes, of course it'd mean that I'd only reach in the early morning. But it does not matter. I don't think I could have waited another minute in Seoul. I just know I don't belong in that place. Well not anymore.

The cafe was a twenty minutes walk from the bus station. I glanced at my watch.

4.37 AM

I'm sure the cafe wouldn't be open till another good five hours.I guess I might have to wait outside the cafe,praying the workers,whatever their name was came early. Oh, and praying that Donghae was there waiting for me. I knew it was ridiculous to think so but still, I made my way towards it. It was the only familiar place in this unknown town. I walked briskly, taking in the cool morning breeze and the familiarity of silence in the place.

Finally, I reached my destination. To my surprise, the light was turned on. Either someone forgot to turn it off..or someone was there already. I hoped it was the later as I knew that Donghae wouldn't be pleased to know that someone had left the lights on the whole night.

I took a step forward and tried to open the cafe door, but was unsuccessful. Placing my ear closer to the door, i could hear mumurs from inside the cafe. I felt relieved, knowing that someone was in fact inside there. Maybe two or three people I guess, since no one in the right state of mind would talk to themselves. I walked over to the back, knowing that there had to be a back door to this place.

After a few minutes of searching, I found it and turned the knob, entering what looked like the kitchen. I placed my bag on the table and walked towards the dining section,where I could hear some voices. I couldn't see who they were because their backs were facing me, but I knew they were workers, two of them. Probably, Donghae had introduced them to me, but I just couldn't remember.

"That's not the way! It's like that. Why can't you get it! We've done this for over an hour!Aish you pabo!" someone said, slightly annoyed

"Well,it's not my fault someone isn't exactly a good teacher! By the way, don't be so rude, I'm still your hyung," came another voice, equally, if not more, annoyed at the first one. I realised it was Leeteuk, from his blonde hair.

"What? You're barely a week older than me you retard. How does that make you a hyung! You know what, learn this yourself, since I'm a bad teacher," the first voice says, and starts walking away.


The argument went on for a few minutes and I chuckled softly to myself wondering how these people can get so childish. If I remembered correctly, Donghae had called both Heechul and Leeteuk hyung, so that automatically meant that they were older than me. But by the way the were argueing, I really couldn't tell if they were five or twenty-five. I must have been too absorbed in my own thoughts, not realising my surrounding, until I felt a pair of arms snaking themselves around my waist.

"Came back for me didn't you," a low husky voice whispered into my ear sensually.

"YAH! Stop that, it tickles!" I squealed, disentangling myself from him

"What are you doing here?" I continued

"I should be asking you that," he smirked and walked towards the fridge, opening it, and taking out an apple to eat.

"I .. I came to visit you.." I whispered softly, hoping my lie wasn't too obvious.

"Yeah sure, with practically your whole apartment in your bag. Right monkeyboy~" Donghae smirked at me, as he continued munching on his apple, and staring at me from a distance. I frowned.

"HEY! I really wa.."


My sentence was cut off when I heard the sound of plates smashing.I looked at Donghae, waiting for some kind of reaction from him. Instead, he just smiled at me, as if nothing just happened. The sound of plates smashing continued.

"Aren't you going to do anything?" I asked him, getting worried.

He merely chuckled and took my hand, and we stood at the doorless entrance seperating the kitchen and the dining section. Donghae held on to my waist as he silently tells me to just watch and not make any noise. Unfolding in front of us, was two fully grown man going head to head with each other. It was such a cute scene really, if it wasn't for the fact that they were pulling each other's hair.

"YAH! You crazy blonde! How dare you touch my hair," Heechul yelled, still holding on to Leeteuk's hair.

"AISH! You started it first you crazy girl!" Leeteuk snapped back, clearly having no intention of letting the other go.



"Gay fag!"

"You stupid slut!" Leeteuk shouted back.

Suddenly, the room became silent. Heechul let go of Leeteuk's hair. I was pretty confused by what was happening around here, but Donghae had remained rather calm. I watched as Heechul ran past us, not bothering to even look at us, and soon, the exit from the kitchen was slammed shut. Both of our eyes turned to Leeteuk, who was standing there,still as shocked as we were.

"I..I don't know what I did," he stammered and looked at Donghae,as if waiting for an instruction.

"Go after him. He needs you," Donghae said calmly as he took my hand and brought me up the staircase, towards his office.

As we entered his office, I took a seat on the sofa, still shocked but too tired to care.

"When I found him, he was broken you know. On the streets, left to die. I couldn't imagine what they must've done to him. He begged me to let him die.. but what could I do. I'm not good. Who was I to decide whether he was to live or to die," Donghae started,as he took a seat beside me , draping his arms over my shoulder. Automatically, I snuggled closer to him. I nodded my head, willing him to continue.

"Everyone has their own story. For Heechul-hyung, he was an orphan. Well technically not really, since his parents died but his goddamn hyung sold him to one of the brothels, after incurring many debts from gambling," he continued.

"You mean..he was..he was a prostitute?" I sat up straight, opening my eyes wide, curious on what was going on with Heechul.

"If you put it that way, then yes he was a prostitute. He wasn't exactly one. All he did was accompany men, but never give in to their sexual desires. Well at least that's what he told me. But according to him, that night where I found him had been the worse night of his life. After refusing to sleep with one of the mafia boss, they had drugged him and took turns raping him. If only he would tell me who these beasts were, I'd make sure to cut off all their balls and feed them to the wild boars," I could see a spark of anger in Donghae's eyes, and honestly, I found that somewhat sexy.

"Is that why he was angry when Leeteuk-hyung called him..that?" I asked weakly.

"I suppose so. I mean, it must have triggered some sort of bad memories for him," Donghae sighed.

"Well, Leeteuk-hyung is so mean! How could he do that? Why is he so insensitive?!" I suddenly felt annoyed.

"Don't come to conclusion so quickly Hyukkie~ He doesn't know what happened to Heechul-hyung so it's not his fault. Besides, everyone has their own story.."


Leeteuk's POV

I ran as quickly as I could out of the door. I was surprised when Heechul ran out like that. What did I do to make him run away like that? I didn't know. I mean, we were having our usual argument, right? He was trying to teach me how to decorate cupcakes, since I wanted to learn.I mean, we argue every day, almost every other hour in fact. But I've never seen him act like this before, in the 7 months that I knew him. To be honest, I was beginning to get really worried.

Hey faggot! Do you like men?

Do you like me now? See! I have a penis! Don't you love them?

Hey, hey you gay piece of shit!

Everyone look! It's the school fag

I ignored the voices in my head. I was sure, that like other times, if I tried hard enough, I'd get the voices out of my head. They can't get to me anymore. No, I won't let them. They can't find me here, in this new place. That was so long ago, that was high school! They're gone now! I didn't realise that I was practically running, until I ran into a dead end. Catching my breathe, I bend forward and supported myself on the wall. I could hear my heartbeat in my ear, and my sobs.


I wasn't crying. Sure I just ran, and I was out of breathe, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't so delusional as to here myself sobbing. I looked around, until I saw a familiar figure crouching a few metres away from me.

"Heechul.." I took one step forward.

"Don't!"He quickly moved back, away from me.

I took another step forward.


"I SAID DON'T!" He looked up at me,glaring at me with swollen eyes.

Ignoring his glare, I walked towards him, squatting down right in front of him.

"Heechul tell me what's wrong," I said sofly, putting my hand on his shoulder.

"No, go away! dont touch me!" He jerked away immediately, and started rubbing the same spot I touched him.

"Heechul!" I grabbed him firmly by the shoulders, not allowing him to break free.

"NO NO GO AWAY..PLEASE..please don't touch me. I don't want to do this, anything but this. Please..please don't. It hurts~" he sobbed,with half-opened eyes,almost delusional.

I pulled him closer, even as he tried to push me away,and kept him close ,close to my heart until I could hear his steady breathing.

"There were eleven of them in total..including him. I don't know what they gave me.. But when I woke up..when I woke up ..I.." he left his sentence hanging in mid-air.

"No son of mine likes men. Get out of my house, you trash"

I closed my eyes counted to one hundred, trying to get the voice out of my head, and when I opened it, I realised that Heechul had drifted off to sleep, still in my arms.
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I know I suck but it's not my fault that Kpop stars are swarming singapore!(:
And I already missed the freaking BIG k-pop night thanks to my BIGGER examinations, THE o'levels.

guess what, after o'levels ( >12 Nov) is gonna be more awesome~

My friend is paying for my U-kiss GIG in singapore on 19 november ,


oh and how can we all forget,

heh so i'm going to chiong out to buy on 20th november.

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Either Side Of Midnight (Chapter 8)


"Ignore Kyuhyun, he's pretty cranky these days. But putting that aside, what happened to you?" Ryeowook asked, as I continued staring at our room door that was just being slammed shut.

"Nothing, hyung. I tripped while walking home,"

"You know we don't believe that, right? Tell us what really happened tomorrow okay? Just get some rest tonight. We have a schedule tomorrow afternoon," Yesung sighed wearily as he dragged Ryeowook into their room.

I sat at the couch for a few minutes, contemplating on what to do. I could go into our room and pretended like nothing is wrong and just go to sleep. Well that was if I was lucky and Kyuhyun was asleep. But if Kyuhyun wasn't asleep, then what should I do? How could I face him? I had no idea what he was so angry at me for. Was it still because of the 'wrestling' thing? I did not know.

But I was starting to feel pretty frustrated at that. I mean like, what did he want from me? I'm sure that it wasn't that bad that he had to find fault in every single thing that I do. If he hated me so much, why did he bother to wait for me. I'm sure he'd be delighted to know how his fan girls helped him today.

And who the hell was Siwon? The name seemed familiar, I thought,wrapping my arms around my knee, as the cold started to get to me. If I'm his hyung, than that'd mean that he was younger. So where did he know me? School maybe? Siwon, I tried to remember where I had that name from.

Ahh.. THAT Siwon.. was the last coherent thought, before I drifted off to sleep.


"HMPF," I groaned,as I felt someone annoyingly, shaking me insistently.

"Wake up,pig. You're gonna freeze to death,"

"No.. too comfortable,"

"Aish!" I heard footsteps walking away from me, only to return a few moments later.

"I told you to wake up, didn't I? Fine, we'll do it this way then," the voice started again, before I suddenly felt something wet and cold on my face.

"AHH WHAT THE FUCK!" I jolted up, as cold water started to run down from my face, that was totally drenched. Seething through my teeth, I looked up, to see Kyuhyun smirking, holding a jar of half-empty water in his non-injured hand. I seriously felt like literally breaking his other arm at that moment.

"What. Do. You. Want." I resorted to punctuating at every syllables to avoid actually screaming at the asshole in front of me.

"You were contaminating the couch. There's a reason why we bought a bed for you. So that you would restrict your annoyingness there," he said snarkily, before turning back towards the room.

I was tempted to give him the middle finger, but instead, I stood up begrudgingly, and dragged myself to the room. I looked around for my face towel, to dry my face, as I heard some shuffling of covers from Kyuhyun's bed. That bastard woke me up just to tell me that? Urgh.Just what the fuck is your problem, I thought.


I didn't realise that my thoughts were said out loud until I heard Kyuhyun answering. So he wasn't asleep then.. I turned and started walking slowly towards his bed, suddenly having an idea.

"Then you might want to stop being a fucking coward and actually saying it to my face, instead of doing all this little annoying things that just get on my nerves.Just WHAT are you unhappy about," I glared at his back, that was turned towards me.

"Are you still angry because we made out?" I continued

Immediately, he sat up.


"I don't remember you complaining when you tried to," I said as I stopped right in front of him.

"Tell me Hyung ,are you angry at me because I touch you like this," I said as my fingers started to caress the nape of his neck.

"Or because only I can do this to you," I leaned down , capturing his earlobe in between my teeth, gently biting on them.

"S..Min..sto..ahh~" he managed out a gasp as my hands gently touched him where I knew he wanted me to.


Kyuhyun's POV

I hadn't intended for things to turn out this way. I couldn't sleep last night. Truth was, I kind of felt guilty for making him sleep outside like that. I didn't mean to come off as harshly as I did. Tossing and turning in my bed, I was worried if outside was too cold for this fragile boy. Barely closing my eyelids at dawn, I had heard the door close softly. When I went out to the living room, there was no Sungmin! I had looked at every corner in the house, but he wasn't there.My first thought was that he went out to buy breakfast or something.

But five hours later, he still wasn't home. I began to get worried but both Ryeowook and Yesung told me not to worry yet as he was probably out with his friends. But I was. I called him, but I kept on getting redirected to the mailbox. I swear i was this close to looking for him all over Seoul at 1 freaking am, but I knew I couldn't without getting swarmed at. So I waited , and waited. And two hours later, there he was, with all this ridiculous injuries and a boy. Yes, what the fuck a boy. I was worried sick, and he was out having fun, not even bothering to answer his phone.

When the kid pecked his cheeks, I swore that was the last self-control I had, so I turned towards my room and slammed the door shut. I couldn't help but feel really stupid, waiting up and worrying like that. But I still stood beside the door, trying to listen to the conversation outside.I heard a few murmurs in the living room, before I heard the other room's door being shut. I quickly ran over to my bed and hid under the covers, pretending to sleep, knowing that he'd come in any moment.

But two hours later, he still wasn't. I was worried, was he sleeping in the living room again? Looking up at his bed, I realised that he hadn't brought any blanket or pillows with him. My first thought was, HE WENT OUT AGAIN, as i stormed out of my room. I immediately went to the living room. I didn't know whether to be relieved that he was still there sleeping, or feel bad that he was curled up in a ball, shivering.


"Wake up,pig. You're gonna freeze to death," I shook him again

"No.. too comfortable,"

"Aish!" This boy was so difficult. And there's only one way to wake this kind of people up.

"I told you to wake up, didn't I? Fine, we'll do it this way then," I stood in front of him again, this time clearly holding something in my hand, as I grinned down at him.

"AHH WHAT THE FUCK!" he screamed

"What. Do. You. Want." I could see that he was clearly pissed off, and truthfully, i was kind of afraid, but i would never admit that.

"You were contaminating the couch. There's a reason why we bought a bed for you. So that you would restrict your annoyingness there," I resorted to sounding mean, as I didn't trust myself to say anything else that would come out sounding concerned.

I walked into my room, and immediately went under the covers, knowing that he was following closely behind, by the annoying sounds he was making.

"Just what the fuck is your problem," he said, clearly thinking I was asleep.

"You," I answered nonchalantly

Suddenly, he turned and started walking slowly towards my bed

"Then you might want to stop being a fucking coward and actually saying it to my face, instead of doing all this little annoying things that just get on my nerves.Just WHAT are you unhappy about," I could feel his glare boring holes at my back.

"Are you still angry because we made out?" he continued

Immediately, I sat up.

"FUCK YOU" I literally screamed at him

"I don't remember you complaining when you tried to,"

"Tell me Hyung ,are you angry at me because I touch you like this," he said as his fingers started to caress the nape of his neck.

"Or because only I can do this to you," he leaned down , capturing my earlobe in between his teeth, gently biting on them.

"S..Min..sto..ahh~" I groaned as I felt his fingers gently touching my increasingly growing hardness. I immediately grabbed his wrist and pulled him down, making him fall on my lap. He gasped in surprise,staring confusingly at me.

"No stop, you're right. We need to talk," I whispered softly

"What happened to you," I continued, stroking his face, carefully not touching any injuries. I was so tired of acting tough. My heart ached at the sight in front of me. His pretty little face tainted by blood and sorrow. It made me feel useless, useless that I wasn't there to protect this fragile being in front of me.

"Nothing," he exhaled the breath i don't know he was holding, but not meeting my eyes.

"Tell me,please" I rested on hand at the back of his head, pulling him down till our foreheads met. I could literally feel his warm breath against my skin, and I was quite sure he could feel mine too.

"I..your fangirls..they were angry because I was the one who caused your injury...they..."

"and you let them?" I couldn't help shouting a little, not angry at Sungmin, but more angry at the reason they had done this to him. Me.

"I guess so.. it was my fault in the first place..If I hadn't.."

"NO! it's NOT your fault, it never was. If it was anyone's fault, it's MINE and only MINE," I said, suddenly holding on to his face so hard that he yelped.

"But I.."

"Love you," I murmered onto his lips,as I closed what little gap we had between us. I could see that Sungmin was shocked, to say the very least, as my lips insistently pressed on his. His widened eyes started to become smaller, as he grabbed onto my collar, pulling me up closer to him, if that was possible. I was no longer able to contain all my pent up emotions, as I started to slowly part his lips with my tongue, entering slowly, stopping at every corner to taste the sweetness of vanilla he was. He responded as eagerly, wrapping his legs around my waist,pulling me closer and closer , until I felt that I couldn't breathe without him anymore.

"Kyu.." he started, as he pulled back slightly, holding my face in place,forcing me to listen to him.

"We shouldn't do this. Not now," he continued.

I sighed, and reluctantly let him off me, but when I saw that he was starting to stand up,

"Stay here with me tonight?" I held onto his wrist, not willing to let go.


I could feel a hot breath against my skin,contrasting to surrounding cold that had made me shiver. Slowly, my eyelids fluttered open.

"Holy shit you scared me!" I nearly screamed, as I see Sungmin's face a few inches away from mine, staring down at me.

"Why do you look so sad early in the morning, baby? What happened?" I sat up, pulling him in for a hug, when I realised that he was on the brink of tears.


"You know you can just tell me anything right..What's wrong?Why are you crying?" I tried to get him to confide in me

"It's just that.. I thought that ..when you wake up, you'd scream at me. Just like that time at the hospital. I'm really really scared. I wouldn't know what to do if you did, I just wouldn't know how to face you.."

Immediately I felt guilty. I hadn't meant to scare Sungmin like that, that day. I would never hurt my little angel like that.

"Ssh.. don't worry. I'm sorry okay, I didn't mean to do that to you. I guess I was just frustrated. With myself and everything else and you just happened to be there so i.." I let my sentence hang in mid-air as I pulled away from the hug.

Cupping his face, I pulled him up for a short kiss, that I felt could convey everything I meant. I could feel him smiling slightly, and it made me feel happier knowing that it sort of worked.

"Let's go back to sleep," I whined,pulling him down with me, and his bed ended up on my chest.

"No we can't, let's wake's already 8 am,I'm sure the other Hyungs are awake," he tugged on my collar.

"No!Who cares about them, when I have you," I said, holding on tighter to his waist not letting him go.

"Kyubunny~~ If you don't wake up now, I won't let you kiss me for a week," he giggled into my ear as his fingers started to play around with the buttons on my shirt. That, got my attention, as I immediately got out of bed, so quickly that I forgot that he was on me. The next thing I knew, he was on the floor, groaning from pain at his butt. Laughing, I pulled him back up on his feet and dragged him out.

The living room was empty, so was the kitchen. I wonder where Yesung and Ryeowook went. Thinking that they must still be sleeping, I dragged Sungmin to their shared room, intending to wake them up.

"Hy.." I began as my hands reached out to knock the door, only to stop halfway.

"Ahh..faster..faster...ahhh Yesung-ah..Ahh..."

I turned to my left, to find Sungmin staring back at me. In a matter of seconds, the both of us were racing back to our room, shutting the door behind us, and locking it.

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Day Late Friend (Chapter 3)

"Pack two days worth of clothing for both of us," Hae ordered as soon as I entered the living room.

"Huh? What for?"

"I'm taking you somewhere. Just pack okay, don't ask any more questions," he said , while making the bed.


"We're here,"

I stared blankly at the cafe in front of me. It was relatively big, standing on its own in the almost deserted street. i realised that there wasn't a head board or anything to tell me the name of this place.

It had sort of a Victorian feel to it , but somehow this place didn't look old. In fact, it looked so clean and new, I would have thought it was cardboard. Looking through the window, I could see that there were plenty of people inside. I wondered why Donghae made us travel for almost five hours just to see this place.

"Come on in," he took my hand, as we entered the place. I looked around. The interior was, well amazing. The light blue wallpaper complimented the feel of floating among the clouds, with the fluffy white couches and some intricately designed table. The moment I entered this place, it felt as if I was brought back to my childhood, with all cotton candy-shaped lamps and sweet smell of pastry.

"Do you like it?" Hae asked, and I nodded. How could I not like it? It was so beautiful. Now I know why Hae brought me here. It was so dreamy, almost pulling you out of reality. I wouldn't want to leave this place soon. I briefly wondered which genius of an owner made this place.

"Wait till you try the food," he chuckled, and we made our way past the crowd and into the kitchen.

"Heechul-ah.." he knocked on the door twice, before letting himself in, not bothering to hear the reply of the person on the other side of the door.

"What do you..Ahh Donghae.. You're back. Wanna try my new creation?" A man, dressed in a chef attire stood at the edge of the table, with a small plate of cake in his hand, motioned for Donghae to try it. Looking closer, his features were well-defined,almost feminine. He was good-looking, of course. Only, more to the feminine side.

"You know how I am with sweet things. Here, let him try it. His opinions are much more deeper than mine," Donghae pointed at me, making me blush at the compliment.

The man said nothing, but merely passed me the plate and a fork. I knew he was looking at me, examining me, and that made me pretty uncomfortable. Slowly, I lifted up part of the chocolate-oozing cake,and placed it into my mouth. The chocolate instantly melted in my mouth, giving me the sensation I've never felt before. If food tasted this good all the time, everyone in the world would be fat. The taste was..undescribable. It was sweet, a little bit bitter, and most of all it was good. But something was missing. I took another bite and thought about it in my head.

"SO..How is it?" the man asked me again.

"It is good. Really good.. the chocolate is bitter at the right points and really sweet. The cake itself is so soft and instantly melts in your mouth. I can taste some tang in it, did you sprinkle some lemon juice? It compliments the flavour, really. But.." I paused, hesitant to continue.

"But what?" the man and Donghae asked at the same time

"It lacks something. It's not obvious really, almost not there. It just lacks something. The way it was made, feels like it's made to be a comfort food. Like to appease loneliness, to make yourself feel better for not being able to get something that you want really badly. Despite all the sweetness of it, there is bitterness, as if trying to hide something.As if.." I immediately shut up when I realised that the two eyes were looking bewilderedly at me.

"I'm so...sorry.." I apologised immediately to the chef. He looked at me from tip to bottom, scrutinizing my every move and that somehow made me feel really uncomfortable.I felt like I had officially pissed this guy off, and that wouldn't be to my benefit since he makes the cakes food around. He gave me one final look, and laughed.

"You're good. No one else would tell me what you just did, afraid that I'd get pissed off and punch them in the face. In fact, nobody would tell me my cakes are anything less than perfect.You're really something, young man," I didn't know whether to feel happy that he wasn't angry at me, or bad that I just pointed out that his cakes were imperfect.

"He's good, Hae.. Your new boyfr.." he turned to Donghae, but was immediately cut off by another voice.

"AISH Heechul! How many times must I tell you, that's not the way to talk to your boss! Hello boss! What brings you here?" a bright, bubbly man entered the kitchen with some supplies of flour, placing them on the rack. He wasn't small, but he was delicate and poised. He radiates happiness and cheerfulness everywhere he stands and when he turned back to Donghae to give him a dimpled smile, I couldn't help but smile along with him. His smile was just that infectious.

But wait, did he just call Donghae 'boss' ?

"It's okay hyung. I've told you so many times not to call me boss! Just call me Donghae. I think, you might just get fired from being too polite," Donghae chuckled.

"If you insist..anyway Hae, who's that?" the guy asked

"Yeah, who's that huh," the chef snorted

Donghae immediately stood beside me, wrapping his arms protectively around my waist.

"Heechul-hyung, Leeteuk hyung, this is Hyukjae,"

Their eyes immediately widened , and they quickly excused themselves to go back to work. I felt somewhat uncomfortable by their reactions, but nonetheless didn't dare to voice it out to Donghae.

"You freaking own this place?!" I almost screamed in shock as soon as we were out of the kitchen.

Donghae merely smirked as he dragged me up the staircase.I seriously had a lot of questions to ask Donghae but he looked like he wasn't going to answer any of them soon, so I just sighed and kept it to myself. As we passed, people gave us curious looks, and some even start to whisper to each other. The deeper I got into the cafe, the more I realised that the customers were mostly...well female. I wondered why that was so. I knew that the guys introduced to me as Leeteuk and Heechul ,was well good-looking and appealing. But they probably stayed in the kitchen a lot, and that itself couldn't attract so much customers right? Or did Donghae already pick other eye-candies too to work here.

We stopped in front of a room.

He opened the room, revealing a cozy looking room that might pass off as a mini-office. My guess was that this was Donghae's work space, from the amount of fish-related things there were in this place. Fish wallpaper, fish shaped sofa, fish-covered cushion.. I walked slowly to his desk, noticing that there were several frames on the table. First picture, Donghae and I at a class trip. Second picture, Donghae and I at our graduation. Third picture, Donghae and I at our vacation in Thailand. Fourth picture.. the fourth picture was a picture of me, taken from my side profile, looking ahead. I looked angry, but there was also another expression, that I couldn't read. Or at least pretended not to. From the background, I instantly recognised where this was taken at .

I had stayed up the whole night to make this special thing for Donghae. I knew it probably didn't taste as good, or looked as good as what he always had at home. But at least I tried, and I'm sure that Donghae would like it, or at least pretend to like it.

That was why, during recess, I had dragged him out of the garden, as he was, as usual,taking pictures of the surrounding, the people, the sky, just anything that caught his attention.I wanted to take him to somewhere special. I knew he knew I had something for him, as I was holding quite a few things in one hand, and linking my arms with his, with the other.

"Oppa wait!" A girl appeared out of nowhere, running towards Donghae, but ended up running into me instead as Donghae tried to move away. I immediately lost my balance and fell backwards, bringing everything down with me. I could here the sound of it breaking, along with my heart as I looked at the situation in front of me.

"Happy Birthday, Oppa!" the girl squealed as she pulled him into a kiss. I could see Donghae tensing, but he didn't do anything to push the girl away. Finally, after what seemed like a million years, she pulled away.

"How about we go to the canteen and celebrate, oppa?" the girl said excitedly.

"How about,no? I forgot to tell you this, but I'm breaking up with you, Jessica, bye," he said coldly, before turning to me and helping me up. We walked away from the girl who just stood at the same place, shocked.

Part of me felt bad for the poor girl, really. But part of me was so elated that he finally got rid of her. She was a nice girl,really. Only too obsessed with Donghae that she always seemed to be oblivious to my existence and trying to get Donghae alone with her.

"Why..why are we here?" I asked as I felt myself being dragged up to the roof.

"You said you wanted to show me something," he said disinterestedly, as he played around with his camera,taking pictures of the Sun, the sky, the buildings around us, anything. I wasn't looking at him, I was too busy being upset about what happened to my cake.

" it's okay. It's ruined now anyway. Let's just go back to class," I sighed, walking back towards the door. However, I felt my wrist being held back, as Donghae tried to stop me. Slowly, he reached out for what I had in my hand took it away from me. I watched nervously, as he opened the box.

"You made this, for me?" I nodded, as he took out the fork I had placed in the same bag, and took a scoop of it.

"How is it?" I asked

"It is too sweet, especially around the icing. The chocolate is a bit bitter and the cake itself is somewhat too soft," he started, and I unconciously sighed dejectedly.

"But it's perfect," he said suddenly, and I looked at him with widened eyes as he took another piece, and another. And soon the box was empty.

"What do you want to be when you grow up, Hyuk?" he asked,as we stared at the beautiful, fluffy clouds above us.

"A pastry chef,"


"Take a seat," I felt the frame being taken out of my hand and replaced on the table, as Donghae turned me around and placed me on top of the desk, while he stood in between my legs,looking up at me.

"Do you like this cafe?" he asked,as his hands gently rested on my waist.

"Are you kidding me? This place is freaking awesome! How come you didn't tell me that you own this kind of place?!"

Donghae smiled, and said,

"I'm going to stay here for a while. I don't feel like I should stay in Seoul right now,"

"THEN WHAT ABOUT ME?! What am i going to do without you? What should I..How can I.."

Donghae silenced me as he reached up to gently place his lips against mine. He pulled away slightly,and murmured,

"That's why I brought you here. I wanted to ask you if you'd stay with me,"

"I..I.." I stuttered, at lost at what to do. Yes, I wanted very badly to stay here , in this place. And no, what about my job in Seoul. What about my mum.. What about..

Knock Knock

"Hyung! Heechul Hyung and Leeteuk Hyung asked for you," an unidentified voice said from the other side of the door.

Donghae let go of me, but not before telling me to consider his suggestion.


"LET'S WELCOME OUR OTHER BOSS,HYUKJAE-SSI!" Leeteuk exclaimed as me and Donghae made our way down the staircase.

Other boss? I turned to Donghae, raising an eyebrow, but he merely shrugged it off.

"Hey Hyukjae~ Come meet the rest of the guys!" Heechul slung one of his arms over my shoulder as he dragged me across the room. I realised that the cafe was already empty, and there were only six of us, including Donghae and myself. Glancing over to the wall, I realised that the clock showed 11pm. Must be the closing time...

"Aish, Heechul. WHERE ARE YOUR MANNERS!" Leeteuk pulled me away from Heechul.

"Uh, hyung. It's okay. I'd prefer if you call me Eunhyuk," I said weakly

"But you're our new boss.." Leeteuk argued

"I like you already,kid," Heechul smirked.

The two started bickering and argueing about mannerism, and Donghae took this opportunity to pull me away towards another pair.

"Siwon and Kyuhyun. Saint with a big heart and snarky with a big mouth, respectively," Donghae introduced the two of them.

"Siwon," the really buff looking guy reached his hand out to me. I realised that his voice was the voice that had called for me and Donghae to come down.I was literally shaking when I reached out for it, as he looked really scary and intimidating due to his big built. That was, until he smiled, and his dimples were showing, making him look really warm and nice. I took his hand, but immediately,he pulled me in for a big tight hug, making me gasp.

"HI HYUNG! I'm siwon, the delivery guy here!I hope you will like your stay here! I know Heechul-hyung is very sarcastic at times, but there's me and Leeteuk-hyung who can show you around, and listen to you when you need help. I'm so glad that you came. Donghae-hyung has..."

A cough from Donghae immediately silenced Siwon, as he reluctantly let me go.

I turned to the next person.

"Hello, hyung. I'm Kyuhyun. I'm the waiter. I doubt we're on the same wave length though. Unless you like starcraft.. but you look like that kind that likes cooking so yeah. Just saying you know..." the other guy introduced himself.Now I could see why there were so many female customers. If Siwon was charming and suave, this guy practically screamed sex in a weird gamer kind of way. He had this mysterious aura around him that pulls you in, and always leaves you wanting more. That is, well until he opens his mouth and sarcasm sets in.

"Come on! Heechul made some desserts to welcome Hyu..Eunhyuk!" Leeteuk said, as he ushered all of us into the kitchen.

However, when all of them were already inside the kitchen within seconds, Donghae stopped me.

"So.. would you like to stay? Here,"

"I...I...give me some time to go back to Seoul and think okay?" I knew I wanted to, but this time, my mind overpowered my heart as I looked at the disappointment in Donghae's face.

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